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10:02 PM

This is the season of ants. The hard working critters seem to be in full force this month. They have been crawling all over the table tops and hidden corners of my house. Thankfully they're black ants, they collect food without any intention of sneaking up and snagging a bite on my arm. Ants ants ants. I thought I've got ants all figured out. They're hard working, they usually walk in a straight line, they work as a group etc. (All of these where brought to life by movies like a bug's life and ants) What I didn't know, was that real, nonfictional ants had a big heart. I'll start this story off by saying that I do have a heart, just not one big enough for ants. You see, I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine while lying down on two conjoined ottomans, head facing the floor. It was then that i saw the ants. I swear I wasn't 100% aware of what I was doing (since our conversation was getting really trippy). So I started killing the black ants with my fingers. 4 of them died, and their bodies were severed at the center. (I didn't think it was wrong since statistically every second an ant dies) So I lay on the ottoman staring at the floor laughing at the ongoing conversation when all of a sudden I saw an ant, a very brave one I must assume for it walked up to the dead body, picks it up and carries it away. This brave ant along with others went back to pick up the other bodies. And at that moment ladies and gentlemen, I found myself in the midst of an ant funeral.

So anyway,

My take-away from this epic moment:

1. Ants honor their dead
2. Ants are emotional creatures
3. Ants are really strong, they can carry DEAD WEIGHT.
4. Death is universally honored and grieved by humans and critters alike.

Guidelines to follow during an Ant Funeral
1. Stay until the last ant is carried away
2. Remove all obstacles that may give the ant carrier a hard time
3. Bring a magnifying glass
4. Don't bring a fan (it might whisk them away)
5. If you must cry, be careful where your tears fall

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  1. This reminds me of the movie A Bug's Life and Ants. Maybe we, humans, are selfish to think that we're the only ones who think like no other creature. What if every single thing has a mind of its own? A culture, a history, a tradition or whatnot! That'd be amazing but I'm human therefore a selfish being and off I go continuing to kill these pests. Haha!

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  3. I bet you were this observant cause they look just like you :))

  4. HAHAAH :)) Well, they ARE my distant relatives. So I guess I'm extra attentive. :>


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