Post modem depression

7:06 PM

I haven't posted a new blog entry for two reasons.

Number 1: This week I have found myself to be bombarded by an ant load (pun intended) of school work. The dreaded fourth year of continuous majors has come on full force. Instead of staring at the floor and watching ants, I am now faced with bundles of readings and highlighter stained nails. This is not to say that I haven't thought about this blog at all. In fact, it has been swimming in my head and has taken a temporary back seat along with the other maybe's of my life. But I have been telling myself over and over again that I MUST NOT BE DISTRACTED - lest my future be out spun.

Number 2: A follow up to number 1. (So don't think of skipping numbers, reader) I have been laboring over school that I have hardly had time to stop and smell the daisies. And you do agree when I say that these daisy moments are what keeps blogs like mine alive. In short, I haven't stumbled upon any "ant" worthy situations.

So yes, I have chanced myself in a place called - "blatant reality" where rose colored glasses are thrown off and nerdy -270 graded black rimmed frames take its place.

But I will be posting soon, lest I be swallowed by a black hole.

And so I close with Mc Arthurs words, "I shall return"

but before that, I urge you to take adventures in my place.

Heed Francois Rabelais advice and "go to seek a great perhaps."

Find your ant moment and if you chance yourself on something beautiful, let me know.


Guidelines for studying hard and passing right minus wrong quizzes:

I have yet to figure those out.

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