Tegan and Sara hangover

3:24 AM

Yes, that is "I". The "I" with the whiskers and a fan crazed smile.

There are three reasons why this is a slightly peculiar photo:

1. I have a cat mask on. Strange?
Just so you know (and not jump into strange presumptions), I was not trying to be a cat for knacks. It was Halloween and on the day of ghouls, people naturally dress up as something either scary or strange. I did neither, I picked the 3rd S - safe.

2. I have 2 women with guitars on the background.
They are Tegan and Sara and they hold guitars because they are musicians. They look alike because they're sisters and they have short hair because they are well, you know. (It IS what you think)

3. I have a huge grin that only 9 year olds have when they receive metal instead of plastic toys.
The grin is an outward expression of my inward joy. They have made me musically high and watching them live in NYC was nothing less than bamboozling. <3

Problem: A Tegan and Sara Hangover that carried on and on and on
Solution: Just let it all out baby.

So in my feeble attempt of letting it all out, here is a video of myself and my HUGE funny face singing Call if Off by T&S.

Call it Off - Tegan and Sara Cover from Kaye Matriano on Vimeo.


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