When Old People Play Pretend.

4:31 PM

This is an outburst of premeditated adventure.

A group of friends and I were feeling lucky one day and decided to join some random competition that would (hopefully) win us some big bucks.

This random competition required a lot of things. Creativity to name one and a huge bladder to name the other.
It also required us to tap into our imagination and magically or rather, imaginatively travel to a different country without setting foot on a plane, bus or a boat.

It sounded like something our 10 year old selves would do everyday.

Truthfully, we're not that different from our 10 year old counterparts. So with an appetite for low-cost adventure we found ourselves driving to three countries - Tuscany, Mexico and Greece. :)

Great adventures are composed of three things: imagination, energy and GREAT COMPANY :)

These pictures are our official entries to said contest.
All photos were taken in the Philippines.
All the models are crazy children pretending to be 20 year olds.


(ruddy guidelines at the end)

Guidelines to sneaking (forbidden) photo shoots in a mall:
1. When you see a guard eyeing you suspiciously, stop posing and start chatting innocently.
2. When they don't buy it, ask a girl friend to flash her beautiful eyes at said guard.
3. If that doesn't work and they begin to walkie talkie other guard minions, inconspicuously RUN AWAY.
4. Don't get too paranoid, sometimes the guards just want to watch
5. Or he possibly just fancies your smile.

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