Saturday, August 7, 2010

In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight.


No that's not a jogging schedule.
Nor is it a "I will wake up early this time I swear!" schedule.

This my friends, is the "I-have-a-presentation-to-do-that's-due-tomorrow-morning-so-I-will-sleep-for-4-hours" schedule.

WHAT. UP. :))

If I were to resemble anything right now, it would be this.

Well, at least he's cute.

And I? I am extra soupy and a million times droopey.

But Happy non-the-less, doing the things I love.

So anyway, I will make this quick.

"Top of the morning to all of you." (quoted from a good morning message I received the other day.)

Cheers to those who are awake and an envious stare to those who are fast asleep. :))

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  1. well, at least you do so with class. ;)


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