Sunday, September 26, 2010

These boots were made for walking

I entitle this "Steps". It's a series I plan to work on till my so called steps wither and retire. These are taken at different places in the world, at different time zones, with different shoes and different cameras. Difference here would be the key word, because I believe that you will never take the same step twice.

People always see sights from above but the angle below is just as beautiful. I mean hey, pavements aren't just stepped on right? They're meant to be remembered.

HONGKONG day 1 and 2 026
Hong Kong Disneyland Train Station

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Central Park, New York City

HONGKONG day 1 and 2 105 106
Hong Kong Harbor

Orchard Road, Singapore

MRT Station, Singapore

Manila, Philippines

New Jersey, USA


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  1. backreading on your entries -again, heheh- & i just have to say i love this idea of yours behind the "steps" series. hope you dont mind if i do something similar. ;)


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