Yearbook Season

11:01 AM

Get immortalized in a photograph and be remembered through a paragraph. Yearbooks. It's almost the end of the first sem and soon my college years would be bound into a thick book, seen by my children and reminisced by a wrinkled me.

The immortalization process has 3 steps:
1. Grad photo
2. Creative shot photo
3. Write up

So far, the creative photo has been stressing me out the most. It's so hard to pick one thing that represents you when there are a number of things you want to be remembered as.

Options so far:
1. Polaroid shot
2. Cat eye mask
3. Vampire fangs
4. In a men's suit with sexy hair

I presented these options to my best friend and all she said was, do you really want to be remembered as a cross dresser, an animal and a beast for the rest of your life? :|

Maybe? Maybe not.

ARRRG. I might as well show up as a flower.

So to all those who actually read this blog, help me out?

In all honesty, I'm a crazy woman pretending to be an artist. Any pegs for that?

Also, my best friend Andi asked me to make her write up. :) I did 2 versions. This one's my favorite. Take time to read this and you will find, that my best friend is some kinda awezom :>


They say that Andi’s dancing puts the world into motion. Some say it takes people by storm. Others hail it as lighting, but I, I think otherwise. If you’re wondering what I mean, then I urge you all to do as I say. Go ahead, stop for a minute and look closely, let things flow in slow motion. What do you hear? Probably Andi’s laugh, the most genuine laugh your ears will ever hear. It’s a sound that you will never want tune-out, the kind that will make you wish you always had something funny to say. Listen closer and you will find that behind that laugh is the sound of a million steps thumping to a beat. Contrary to what you may think, that would be the sound of her heart and not her feet. You see, Andi’s dance isn’t a set of turns and combinations. Her dance is a reflection of her heart. She moves to touch people, she moves to give, and she moves to love. This is precisely why her dancing takes people by storm, because her movements make you feel like you’re part of something bigger. Every step she takes will move you to love, inspire you to dream and invite you to belong. Andi is more than a dance. She’s a girl with a big heart, the type of girl that will make you want to dance on a rainy day, even if you can’t dance to save your soul. ☺


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