The Aveda Kedavra.

2:34 AM

follow you into the dark

Aveda Kedavra, the spell that kills you in an instant. It's an enchanting green light that surges out of a wand.

If you are not aware of it's forbearing mischief, seeing such a light could bring a sense of cheer. But we all know it's nothing cute. It's a thief in the night, a green light that steals a life and robs a soul.

It amuses me how 2 words and a hand gesture could eradicate life so quickly. There's no need for the drama of a slow death or tear filled good byes concluded with one last gaping breath. There are no more painful goodbyes... because in less than a second, you're lifeless.

I'm not one to think about death, I'm not a fan of graveyard topics either. So why am I talking about a spell that kills? Well it's not so much for it's ability to cause death but the speed it takes in doing so.

If only things could be taken out that fast, painless, instant

It would be hailed the greatest discovery since sliced bread and would make a great business opportunity. All I would have to do is learn a few martial art moves (Wax on wax off...), memorize a few words unknown to the human tongue and pick up a reasonably sized twig from the garden.

I'd be branded as the "Painless Pain Remover." Giving them "A single flick for a lifetime of bliss."

The job would be simple - remove the things that bother people the most. The brewing pains or the boiling hurts, gone in an instant. No more sad goodbyes or last breaths, just a fast emptying of the heart, a little nip from their branches of memory.

Wouldn't that be something?

I reckon I'd be the talk of the town. The new salon to the ladies, the new whiskey to the men. I'd cater to wives and scorned women, loners and dreamers young and old.

And all would be well in the world. All because of one little swish.

You see, nobody knows how to deal with pain. Some try to put a front, yes. But a mask for something aching nonetheless. You see, in the deep corner of every heart is a chamber designed for pain. It can hold pain and hate it but it will always have it there, locked up and still remaining in it's very essence, something that hurts.

People would pay anything to take that pain away.
Target Market: Everyone.

I am not a pessimist. I believe in mended hearts. I guess it's just the process that irks me, that long and agonizing wait for it end.

So if I were given the chance I would Aveda Kedavra my way out of this mess and let the green light leave my heart unconscious.

But at the end of it all when truth takes over whim, It is what it is,

an Aveda Kedavra - a death curse.

I guess being alive requires more than just an easy way out.

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