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They say you always want the things you don't have. Like a new mini cooper or a heated indoor swimming pool.

Things that I have:
I've always been the story teller. The one who would make mundane stories seem just as exciting as a ride on the magic school bus. Wide eyes and colorful words, those were my secret weapons. As I grew up, I thought it safe to venture out to other things related to stories like directing plays, making music, singing, acting and of course, writing.

I remember one of my favorite books in the early 2000's, it was one by Tim Burton called The Melancholy Death of Oysterboy. My friend Nobbie got it for me as a surprise one day, knowing that I've longingly wanted a copy. I've read it back to back more than, well more than 10 times since then. For some reason, although I would have heart attacks over great fiction books, I was never a fan of poetry. But Burton changed all that, and showed me the eye popping wonder of rhyme.

The Melancholy Death of Oysterboy is a collection of poems about people growing up on the wrong side of the bed. It's dark humor was so witty it made me laugh endlessly. It talked about mummies and toxic boys and a child made from an "unholy alliance with a kitchen appliance", voodoo girls, staring contests and a super hero who's only power was to leave a stain. It's sublimely interesting and yet at the core of it is a devastating reality of the misadventures of people trying to find their place. All of this is written in amazing words of wit and rhyme with Tim Burton-esque drawings scribbled in it's pages.

5 years later, this now flooded book serves as the inspiration to my newest venture.

I've been writing poems lately about sparks, plugs, fire and things in between. So far it's been crazy. (the point where all great things stem from.)

but I do have one frustration.

Things I don't have:

1. I cannot draw to save my life.
I doodle yes, and sometimes it comes out really well. But I realized I can only make good drawings when I'm in class. Which sucks since it's sem break. :)) Considering that I want to make an illustrated book, I must learn how.

So I've been gathering inspiration from the great doodlers of our time and try to learn a little something about drawing.
I don't want to make perfect drawings actually, cute scribbles are enough for me.

And so in my pursuit for inspiration and honorably gurus, I have landed on a few things.

1. START TO DRAW YOUR LIFE by Michael Nobbs

It's a PDF about documenting your life through little everyday drawings.
Along with it is his other PDF - 75 ways to draw more.
On this list of 75, number 8 was my favorite:

8. Make lots of bad drawings (and learn not to care)

Note to self: quit ripping off pages. :))

You can download it here -->


I got this from my sister at my latest trip to New York City. (Bought from Urban Outfitters)
Really cool beans stuff inside.
Another example of a style of drawing that does not try too hard to look like a museum piece.
It's just free flowing crazy doodles and I adore it.

On actual writing/creating tools....


So I've made a trip to Muji. A really fast one actually. I didn't have time to look around, I just jumped at the notebook section and raped the racks dry. (You do know that's a figure of speech right?)

Sample of what I bought.

I refuse to start on a project without a nice notebook. This buy definitely sufficed, add to it the fact that it was made from recycled paper. Yuh, I just made Captain Planet happy. (maybe he'll buy my book one day?)

4. From the Goodie Bag


I got these pencils from our Spikes Asia Conference (Singapore) loot bag. My friend Laur and I fell in love with them, just because they're really pretty. The best part is they're made from recycled junk too!




So I try to compensate for my sad ability to draw by buying pretty notebooks, using nice pencils and efficient pens.

I guess we'll always have frustrations hidden in brown paper bags but we'll never know what will be of it if we don't try them out.

Here's my attempt at learning how to draw :))

I will keep you posted soon, lest I be swallowed by angry muji paper :|


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  1. You really love the Nobbs in your life, eh?

  2. INDEED INDEED. THE NOBBS serve as inspiration :))


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