Fields Avenue

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Adventures take you to unexpected places.

A couple of days ago, my friends and I went on an ultimate ego-trip - a 2 hour drive outside of the city to try out this supposedly great Italian Restaurant.

We drove, we ate and drove back. "There and back again" as Bilbo Baggins put it.

Of course the gas and the toll was every penny worth it.

1. C Italian Restaurant: The food was jaw-droppingly great. Imagine. Thin crust pizza rolled with oregano and all those other green things (Dear Darla-style), Balls of cheese in tomato sauce, and potatoes baked to perfection and bread dipped in perfect a pesto paste. Our bill was 8 thousand bucks btw, that's how much we binged. :|


2. The drive there was interesting.
This sentence is a prelude for my uncanny title - Fields Avenue.


Fields avenue at first glance is just like any street in the province - busy and narrow. Further along it's humble exterior, holds the surprise of the century. As you go in deeper, a stretch of girly bars await you + tons of seemingly misplaced foreigners dotting the so called stretch. I never knew this existed in Pampanga, I never knew THAT much foreigners stepped foot in a province. We had a field day reading all of the sexy bar signs. We went on a quest to look for the tackiest name here are our top picks.


Eruptions: Fields Avenue







We all declared ERUPTIONS the winner. Obviously. I also liked the Nasty Duck :))

The next time you all decide to hit Pampanga, or anywhere else near that, take time to wander the roads of fields avenue. Just remember to keep your windows up and dress modestly, if you catch my drift :))


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