Jukebox Sunshine

9:01 PM


My friend and I got a haircut at Azta Salon Eastwood today. It was an unusual experience. They shampoo your hair dry (which I think is a Bajillion times better than sitting on an uncomfortable reclined chair with your hair soaked in a tub of water while your neck is begging for squishy pillow cushioning.) Kudos to the ingenious idea of dry shampooing. ;) Another thing that tickled my fancy was the free milk tea they gave me. It added a very hospitable touch to the whole scissors-and-falling-hair image of a usual salon. Unusual and exciting in many ways, Azta Salon proved to be a great escape for my friend and I on an incredibly boring and rainy day.

So in order to commemorate said event and our newly scissored hair, Aaron and I decided to take a few photos.

I made the photos look like they're swimming in sunshine to make up for the rather gloomy disposition of the week. The dark skies makes me want to squeeze the clouds until I exhaust every drop of rain, collect it in a bucket and throw it back into the ocean.

It's 51 days 2 hours 54 minutes and 43 seconds till Christmas and I already feel the HUMBUG.

If only we could just drop a coin for a jukebox sunshine, and make things a little brighter.






"Drop a coin for a jukebox sunshine, set the past on fire. Wooh ooh ooh" Jukebox Sunshine - The Holloways

DMC RUN shirt: Cotton On
Bleached Jacket: Vintage
Photos taken by: Aaron Articulo
Edited by: Me :)

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