The X and Y Riddle.

11:15 PM


The space between.

There is tension between the sexes.
A cold war.
A battle that has become the recurring themes of legends and art.
It's a universal difference that is impossible to piece together.

The boy with the one-track mind and the girl with a world map of thoughts should essentially never live in perfect harmony. They label each other as X and Y. Essentially part of the same alphabet but never the same sign. They keep a 1 meter distance, that space in-between boys and girls.


This is where the confusion starts.
The striking of two deadly matches ignites the fire. 2 matches blazing with every whisk of the wind, wrapped in warm violence and yet alive in all respects.

Friction makes a madman, but fire makes the madman a lover.

And the rigid line between X and Y is burnt to a crisp.

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