11:59 PM


This week like the other weeks, has been one huge blur. Since school started I reckon my mind has been purged into an obvious limbo, that space in-between laziness and work.

In the course of said limbo, I found myself taking photos of my friend Laureen Uy. A blogger/stylist/entrepreneur with genius style. :) The impromptu 10 minute shoot reminded me of something I've always adored.

There's a certain magic to random/unplanned moments. Especially when they're seamless-y captured on camera. Photos that show people suddenly bursting into unexpected laughs, waving at a passerby or idly fixing their hair, eludes something attractively real. Reminding you that things still look nice (maybe even better) even if you don't plan it out to be.

We took the shots during sunset and although the natural drama of the sun was great and all, I still couldn't help but make it look extra sunny. Sun-kissed pictures always make me feel happy and lightheaded.

I guess I need that now, since Limbo isn't supposedly a very bright place.





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