The Hammers and Nails of Ruddy's New Project

10:05 PM

I have been on a noticeable hiatus. For those people who check my blog for updates, you might have dealt with seeing the empty, no update, brown space with a slight shrug and a tiny sigh; but if you have gone beyond the usual reaction and have been groveling on the floor for a new entry, then I assume you must be a really really good friend.

Regardless of demand by affinity, I have decided to honor the requests of my really really really good friends and actually, update.

Here goes.

A good friend of mine who recently moved to Spain sent me a mix tape during one of our drunken chat nights. (He was at home, drunk from a Spaniard party and I was in my room, drunk with school work) The mix of songs actually made me feel like he was back home, and before I knew it I was inspired by the strikingly happy beats of the 15 song playlist from Spain.

If every person smells different, then every person sounds different as well. I'm not referring to the the squeaky sounds you make when you eat nor the distinct pitch of the increasing crescendo of a bad GAS pass. I'm thinking more on the lines of hearing a certain song and thinking of one person instantaneously. It's like a breadcrumb trail a person leaves for people to track.

Given this, I have realized that more often than not, I do classify people into music and classify music into people. Who goes with what and more importantly who makes me feel what.

So in the desire to actualize my knack for playlist classification I have decided to start a project called...


A collection of Indie music for exceptionally ruddy people.

It's a sneak peak into the musical trail that certain people have left in my life. That breadcrumb trail I mercilessly keep nibbling at. :)

Listening mix tapes brings about boat loads of nostalgia or in its worst case scenario - could end up having the after effects of an opened Pandora's box.

I have had my share of both and I have no irks about sharing them all.

I'm currently working on one right now as a Secret Santa gift for a certain PB baby.

So before I post my mixes here's one, cyber transferred to me directly from Espanya.

Give it a listen, It's definately Muy Bonita :)

1. Under Mountain, Under Ground - The Lighthouse and the Whaler
2. Two Way Monologue - Sondre Leche
3. Radar Detector - Darwin Deez
4. Mushaboom - Feist
5. Mean Street - Mando Diao
6. Away, oh! Away, oh! - The Vermicious K'nids
7. Starhunter - Moon School
8. Say it All - Sondre Leche
9. No Tomorrow (Acoustic) - Orson
10. Lost without each other - Hanson
11. Kickin it with you
12. Dancin in the moonlight
13. If I ever leave this world alive
14. She moves in her own way - the Kooks
15. I want you to (acoustic) - Weezer

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  1. cool ! haha I love the "drunk with homework" part. I like Indie, too btw. soo downloading. :] -Trisha :)

  2. You look like the type to like Indie Trisha! :)


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