You the planet, I the star.

11:59 AM


Today I woke up on the other side of the galaxy.

It's a peculiar place where the star to planet ratio is 1/1.

The planet and the star with the same width and height both hanging there maimed by their glory - side by side.

Stars only seem smaller in the real world because they keep a safe distance from the Earth. But we all know from our textbooks and star maps that they're incredibly bigger than the world. And yet it amazes me how small we make them seem, liking them to the little jewels hanging from our necks till our spleen. Sometimes when the cosmos are obscured by the putrid city air, we not only belittle but we also forget.

You see, we underestimate the small things in this world. We never realize that If a star falls into our atmosphere all of us will be obscured. The blaze of it's fire will turn a nation dark, dim and indistinct. And you will no longer wonder what those sparkling things are when you finally see the power of that twinkling little star.


Today I woke up on the other side of the galaxy where the planet and the stars are of the same size.



You're no longer bigger and I will no longer hide.

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