The Science of Flight

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How to Fly
- Amena Brown

We learn to spread wings. We engulf thin air into weak lungs; we learn to fly. Even if we must fly alone. We leave comfort zones because they tame us, change us, make us accept the unacceptable. It's understandable to want to stay with flocks, with birds of feather. We'd rather walk and crawl together than soar alone.

But a time comes in every beating heart's life when you must leave home. When you must forsake father and mother and comfortable nest and tree and grand expectations. Where you must forsake what the world thought you should be. Where you must leave the beaten path and cleave to these forks in the road, these roads less travelled.

And there are many flights not taken. Wings weighed down with excess baggage and life is a trip but you can only carry so much baggage. Anything that exceeds the weight and height, you either leave it behind or you prepare to pay the price. Because when you're pursuing dreams, you need to keep your carry ons lean. Never leave dreams unattended. Never carry dreams given to you by someone else. Figure out which dreams to check and protect and which dreams you hold close to you.

Too much hurt affects your wing span, changes the game plan. See, flying ain't about proving to someone who's struggling to be somebody that you're going to be somebody too. It's about taking what you got, being who you are and doing what you do.

Yes, it gets lonely and your arms are going to get tired and your soul is going to get weary but it's flying that helps you see beyond the two feet in front of you. Because when you've seen clouds and rain and beating sun and piercing blue, you know there's more than waking up and drudging through the day just to get home and sleep and do it again the next day.

You know there's more to you than this and you can't make up for the life you've missed. You can't let hard knocks and regrets age you and jade you until you no longer believe in making believe.

See, making believe is mixing faith and trust with a few unanswered questions and waiting prayers. It means going on even when you can't see what's going on. It's taking tough and difficult & pushing up with so many sets and reps until they make you strong. It is not for punks, not for cowards, not for innocent bystanders. It is for the weak, the hopeful, the discounted; for the few who can't quiet the dreams beating in their chest. For the brave who harness fear like sails & let it propel them towards things to come.

This just might be your time to fly. Do not miss your flight.

- Amena Brown

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