A minor case of identity crisis

9:28 PM


In Branding, there is what we call a unique selling proposition (USP). It sets a brand apart from its competitors, allowing brands to rise above the rest and eliminate the claustrophobic-brand-clutter. This magic formula basically consists of creating a unique brand personality, brand essence and an applauding brand positioning.

In a world where brands are at constant war with each other, differentiation is the much needed Lightsaber/Hallows/The One Ring, to rule them all.

In line with this, I have come to realize that Blogging is no different than an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) Where most shampoo bottles are piled in a corner of a grocery shop, dying to get noticed in a sea of packed pretzels and deodorant.

Blogging is essentially the same. It drowns in an endless clutter of witty domain names and catchy catch phrases all bundled up in the already messy cyberspace.

You see loads of blogs surround this blog that surrounds other blogs that make up other blogs in the other blogs universe. (didn't make sense? thought so, I'm just trying to drive at a point here) =))

But in the midst of this website frenzy, bloggers prove to be an intelligent breed of people. They are natural marketers, practicing the art of differentiation. Food blogs, make up blogs, fashion blogs, book blogs, art blogs, inspiration blogs, advice blogs, gadget blogs, photo blogs.

They pick their niche and stick to it. They build a strong identity by giving their audience a firm grasp of what they could offer and what sets them apart from the rest of the crazy talkers.

You see, the problem is: I don't really know what I offer anymore. And this my friends, is the crisis.

It used to be guidelines (check first few blog entries)
Then it became pictures
Then it became emotional Horcruxes
Then it became mix tapes
Then it became well, a bad case of identity crisis.

So I sit here and try to figure out what this blog is all about. Hoping to apply everything I have learned from Marketing to turn this site into a well oiled differentiated blog backed up by grand standing creative strategy and a wonderful execution.

I try yes. But in reality, integrating this to school is just well, stressful.

And so, after a few minutes of dwelling into this problem while self analyzing and brain probing, a light bulb moment happens.


*cue piano*

I have found that after about a year of blogging, that Theruddyguidelines isn't and should not be viewed by myself as a business model, an entry to a blog world competition or worse, an ego satisfying site. It's my little niche in cyberspace. A place where I can freely practice my bipolarity and post happy things after sad things or weird things after serious things and vice versa. Hoping that there is at least one person in the net who finds it a tad bit interesting.

So I will, from here on post at my hearts will, at my imaginations fancy and at my body's whim.

Unless of course someone checks me in for multiple personality disorder in which case, i'll probably still post whilst at the hospital. =))

....aaaaaand so I end this long blog entry with an advertising "copy"

"In Marketing differentiation may be key, but in blogging smorgasbord is okay." :)


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  1. So cool, Kaye! I've been having the same *kind of* identity crisis for my blog as well. Good to know I'm not alone! :p

    I have a friend who really admires how you write, actually. SHe says it's sooo inspirational and I agree! Makes you want to write and document everything as well. Anyway~ I hope we can catch up soon. Blog talk and life talk! Love you~

    Patty xx


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