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A little background.

1. I took a Copywriting & Art Direction class this semester
2. It's not a walk in the park
3. We make no less than 14 print ads or 5 campaigns per week (Radio, TV, Print) on a 3 day working allowance. :|
4. It's driving us crazy
5. In fact, I have likened it to a zombie invasion
(Refer to previous Facebook status:
"Copywriting homework is like a ZOMBIE INVASION: It never stops coming at ya. Things you need to survive this apocalypse: big guns, amo and loads of courage.")
6. My eye right is currently twitching from lack of sleep
7. I complain about the work load, a lot (refer to my twitter page at your own risk)
8. A number of our (We work in teams of 2) ads get flat out rejected
9. But a number get a nod of approval
10. and when this happens, it almost feels as good as sipping milkshake in bed.

I must say, despite the whining and grinding this has got to by my favorite class. I'm learning a lot both artistically and emotionally. (The fear of rejection stabs me in the eye every week & learning how to face that again and again is a challenge)

Toughening of the gut this one is, but a much needed one to say the least.

Last week's assignment = book covers. These, I enjoyed making. :)

WE MEN 2km


WE MEN 3km

Tell me how my ass tastes 1km

Tell me how my ass tastes book coverkm

"Copywriting - it's making the long story short." - Third Domingo

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