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The longest lay-over I've ever had lasted for 12 hours. It took place a few days ago in the Hongkong International Airport.


I've always known it was a huge airport, considering it had it's own train at the basement and all. Although I've never really felt the grandness of it until I walked through the whole place myself.

I arrived HKG at 9pm, fixed my transit pass, checked in The Travelers Lounge and shopped. The shops closed at 11 so I was hurrying back and forth stores like a hyena.

The idea of Duty - Free (tax free) shopping got to me and so I let my fingers stick to a few things.

I bought 2 books from PageOne to accompany me later on in the night. What amused me about PageOne is their excellent printing. None of their books are printed with mediocre quality. All the covers are very nice and matt, a surprisingly big difference from most of the books in MNL. Among all the titles, these caught my eye.



Mostly, I spent on cosmetics.

This is a blush from MAC that I've always wanted but has been out of stock in manila for awhile. I got it in the shade of BLUSHBABY, my favorite among all the colors.

I also got eye make - up brushes from MAC (just a few essentials)

This next one, I have to say, would be one of my best buys.
I never really knew this existed till now.
It's Shu's Mousse base, a really thin barely there but complexion perfecting mousse with SPF.
It's lightness is perfect for everyday use. Just top it off with a bit of powder and you're good to go. I am absolutely in love with it.

Most of my money was spent on this baby. I've always wanted a nice leather jacket. Although this one is a bit too pricey and out of budget, I convinced myself that it was if anything, a great investment. Besides, this baby never goes out of style. (right?)
Little did I know, the NJ weather has been a traitor for the past few days. Spring weather has been on a halt and was replaced by that of fall's cold degrees. So I can't really wear the leather jacket outdoors and for that, I have failed.
So to appease my broken pockets, I decided to wear it indoors instead :))

I also chanced upon this cool British magazine that reminded me a lot of NYLON.

When all the stores closed up, I stayed at the Traveler's Lounge. My sister booked me for a 10 hour stay inclusive of Buffet, drinks, a 15 minute back massage and a shower. I took advantage of the food (dinner and bfast) and took a 2 hour shower. :)) I slept on the couches (to my utmost discomfort) and woke up 3 hours before boarding to check in. One thing that really kept me company through my 12 hour transit was this...


Hoodies are the best travel buddies. They are comfortable, warm and sweet. They're inseparable and loyal. They're Soft and incredibly clingy. Yes, this hoodie and I went on a 2 day honeymoon and it was sublime.

So finally, after 12 hours of aimless wander, I (along with my hoodie) finally pursued our destination.


and after 13 hours, 4 bathroom breaks and 9000 kilometers, I finally made it.

Englewood, NJ

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  1. first time to comment tho i've been reading your blog for awhile now. :) envy how you survived the whole flight, i dont think i've ever flown anywhere alone its always with a companion. nyeh. but anyways, hope you have a great time in NY. :))

  2. Hey Fe! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it! It's nice to know people are actually reading :)) You know what I realized the other day that I was traveling for 30 hours! The usual flight to NYC only takes 16 hours. It's really tiring to go on and on and on for an additional 14 hours. But then again, that's what being young is for - grabbing life by the neck and having an adventure. I hope you get to have one of your own soon :) Cheers!


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