Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Brooklyn bound L train is now arriving


I never ventured toward this side of town for two reasons.

1. I fear for my safety
I take my stereotypes very seriously. A friend once told me that wanderers should stick to Manhattan (Harlem excluded) due to safety concerns. Urban legends also suggest people being chopped and placed in bottles in this side of town, so I never really gave it a second thought. Also, I'm an asian and definitely smaller than most of the people here. They always seem to think I'm 16 years old which doesn't in any way help my "I'm tough poker face". One look at me and the big ones will think it's a piece of cake. Gulp. And it totally doesn't help that I can't run to save my life. So, I try to obey daddy and steer clear.

2. I honestly never knew it was nice
Plainly put, I never knew what Brooklyn had in store for me until I finally took to the L train with a few friends to Bedford ave.

Now that I have seen it, I have found myself raving about it.

And this is why.

Seeing streets plastered with manic displays get you hyped!


Even corners get interesting!

You get a glimpse of what people stand for


You see two very different words come together. Artists and Fleas, who would have thought? :)

You can chill in a totally cool park

And see the view from the other side

You get to spot people work their funky outfits

and see some that are just plain crazy =))

You will find treasures in empty streets

and maybe even chance upon the all seeing eye

and at the end of the day, you can make it to Happy Hour...

...With only the rad-est bunch of people in the city <3 IMG_7404



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