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9:59 PM

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 at Subic

I'm not going to lie. The event was a mess. Most of the hot air balloons didn't fly. It was overcrowded. There wasn't much to do...

But that's not what I'm here to write about.

 What i really want to say is that it was a great day despite the disappointment.

 Because IT IS true when they say that it's the people who make the place stellar.

 And because of my crazy friends, this dry patch of itchy land suddenly came alive. :)IMG_9864 IMG_9933 IMG_9972 IMG_9892 IMG_9878 IMG_9957 IMG_9977 IMG_9914 IMG_9922 IMG_9860 IMG_9890 IMG_0004 IMG_9961 IMG_9877 IMG_9960 IMG_9863 IMG_9841 IMG_9991 IMG_9909 IMG_0001 IMG_9980 IMG_9967 IMG_9954 IMG_9944 IMG_9937 IMG_9932 IMG_9910 IMG_9858 IMG_9840 IMG_9838 IMG_9827 IMG_9992 IMG_9783

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