The non - movie Bucket List.

11:46 PM

My teenage dreams were washed away by the 2009 flood. That included tons of angry and romantic journals plus my treasured Bucket List. I still remember a few items from my list though, like kiss under the rain, win a nobel peace prize, get a tattoo... and other things I'm too embarrassed to mention. (Kiss a celebrity etc. :|)

Although this might all seem sad, I'm actually glad that it happened.

I probably saw life a whole lot differently then. The contents of my list would probably be things I wouldn't even want to do anymore or worse, is 90% filled with romantic items. :))

So now that I've changed, morphed a jillion times and have finally grown more accustomed to my own skin, I decided to take another shot at it.

So here's my Bucket List. They are arranged in no particular order. I also kept it at 50 items, just because I actually want to do all of these and not just die trying.

Here goes...

I say we go on a journey of crossing these out together.

50. Spend an afternoon in a Cat Cafe in South Korea

49. Learn how to snowboard

48. Become a lifelong collector of wine corks (I've already started!)

47. Float around the Dead Sea
46. Go to a The Grand Bazaar at Istanbul, Turkey
45. Study the history of Jazz Music

44. Celebrate St. Patrick's day in Dublin, Ireland

43. Swim with the dolphins / whales

42. Go on a Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand

41. Learn how to play the Harmonica

40. Win a Palanca Award

39. See the Northern Lights

38. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

37. Visit Petra, the ancient city of Jordan

36. Learn how to Scuba dive

35. Spot a Banksy in London

34. Have my dream D.I.Y. wedding

33. Visit the Stonehenge (before it causes an apocalypse)

32. Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires

31. Speak another language fluently

30. Make an album of original songs

29. Hear my song playing on the radio

28. Watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve

27. Rent my own apartment in NYC

26. Ride Canada's Rocky Mountaineer

25. Walk the Great Wall of China

24. Be part of a flash mob

23. Go to the biggest party on earth: The Rio Carnival

22. Go on a Contiki Tour of South America

21. Have a birthday picnic at Central Park

20. Learn how to paint

19. Look into the Easter Island mystery

18. See the Niagara Falls

17. Fall in love with Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona

16. Bungee Jump

15. Write a short story anthology

14. Dye my hair blonde

13. Be a college professor

12. Go sky diving

11. Ride an Elephant in Bangkok

10. Travel alone at least once

9. Perform at a music festival

8. Go on a missions trip

7. Cook a full course meal on my own

6. Be passionate about a cause

5. Audition for a big singing show
4. Take my dad to an NBA game

3. Watch the Fifa World Cup Live
2. Give a child a shot at life
1. Watch the sunset in Oia, Santorini Greece
What's yours?

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  1. This is such a great idea! I definitely need to think about my own bucket list :)

  2. Hey Alexa!!! :D Goo, I'll wait for yours <3

  3. The Buddy bucket list! :) These are a must cause I want to go on an adventure with you:
    44 (Cause this will the best birthday party ever! Haha!), 43 (We can do this in Cebu or somewhere else in our country), 36 (We have to save up for this), 33, 24, 22, 19, 17 (with Elena!), 16 & 12(Help me face my fear of falling), 12, 11 (Pretty soon cause this is pretty near)

  4. Eks, I know. I Have to work on a piece :))

  5. I definitely agree with number 32. In fact, I have done it and there is no waste in it. We should be thankful that some people dare to teach Tango since people say it is really hard when you are not a native from Argentina, that the movements are sensual but complicated. Last year I travelled to the country and stayed in one of those Buenos Aires apartments because I wanted to learn how to dance. It was absolutely difficult but in the end I got it!

  6. Sama ako sa #50!

  7. I love your idea of #47. But your #1 is also my number 1. :) nice blog btw..two thumbs up to you ^_^


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