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I read about Printed Matter, INC. on an NYC guide site. Where in an effort to describe, they mentioned the words 'Artist Book', 'Publications' and 'Exhibition of Catalogues'. It was a long paragraph crammed with terms I barely understood. Void of any more descriptions, I decided to ditch the web and hop on the train to Chelsea instead.

I guess the fun in not knowing, is discovering it for yourself :)


Decided to wear my boots since it was raining

I absolutely love train rides.

Once in a while you spot a cool bean on the train.

Like this guy...

Got down at 23rd St.

Hello, Chelsea! 

Me and my umbrella walking to Printed Matter, INC.

Here we are: 195 Tenth Avenue New York, NY 10011

Home of Printed Matter

Let the snooping begin...
A few things I've picked up:

1. Every book and magazine here are made by independent artists. 
2. It's a non-profit organization dedicated to artists and their published works
3. It's technically not a store: it's a public reading room with over 15,000 works available for viewing and some for purchasing 
4. All books in here are deemed to be "artwork conceived for the page" 
(you'll see what I mean later on)
5. Printed Matter also gives new artists a venue for their works to be published 
6. And they're also the group behind the renowned "NY Art Book Fair" 

A few freebies by the door.

This is an example of an Art Book. :) 

My favorite Art Book of all. It combined drawings and polaroid photos. 

A few interesting titles

And of course, some scandalizing-ly fun ones too 

And so I ended up taking my time combing the book shelves,
and reading into the quirky minds of people i've never met.
I also talked to the girl behind the counter.
And saw a few books being printed on the spot.
I absorbed the smell of freshly printed paper
And paid homage to the uncanny literary spirits haunting the corners.

I left with a determined spirit - that maybe someday I'll have some of my stuff displayed there too :)

Outside I saw a strangely texturized wall.

So I indulged myself a bit :D hee


Chelsea is known to host a number of NYC's best art galleries. 
I knew I've had my art fill for the day at Printed Matter but the galleries were just a few blocks away, it would be an injustice to skip them.
So I let my feet drag me to 22nd and 23rd street and Tenth avenue to check out a number of them.

Here are just a few photos of the galleries I visited:  

Jim Kemper Gallery

Dasha Shishkin's works

And just to test the theory that "These boots were made for walking" 
I dared myself to walk 20+ blocks to midtown instead of taking the train.

At one point, I absolutely didn't know where I was anymore.
What comforted me was the promise of the street signs
that i've learned to follow and trust. 

Somewhere in the middle of my walk I saw this cute dog outside a deli 

He/she made me feel all sorts of cute and fuzzy feelings...

Hence the sudden urge to buy an ice cream bar 

I've discovered that the best way to calm an "art attack" is with a bar of Twix Ice Cream.

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