Where Island and Food Collide

6:20 PM

Welcome to Governor's Island, one of New York's national monuments.

Especially popular on summer, Governor's Island is known for having good picnic grounds, jazz music festivals, food markets, biking paths and historical walks. 

City dwellers go to the harbor and take their bikes, blankets and wrapped sandwiches along with them to spend an afternoon lost in this hassle free escape from the city. 

My sister, her friends and I decided to visit for a supposedly good "Food Market event" (I don't really know how to call it) 

Below are the photos, which I feel best describe the place :) 

P.S. The ferry ride to the island is for FREE! 

First you wait in line with a bunch of people at the Battery Maritime Building, Lower Manhattan.
The ferry's leave every half an hour from 11 am till 5:30pm 

You go down the ferry and together with the crowd make your way in. 

You get a map just to make sure you don't get lost. 
Plus you get to see where the different events are. 

If you want to cruise in style, you ride one of these! 

Try to find your way to the water...

And catch a glimpse of this... 

You can also see the Statue of Liberty from there

Got stamped for the Food Market. 
Smiley = a happy tummy

Musicians setting up

Some field games too

Everyone comfy on their mats

And so the chowing begins...

Interesting Kimchi Tacos

I'm still dreaming of this Lobster roll...
PURE Lobster meat on a buttered roll 

After eating we decided to walk around, burn calories and explore more of the island. 
An adorable father and son tandem 

Governor's Island was once a military facility for the British and after, the Americans. 
During the American Civil War, it was a recruitment place as well as a prison. Throughout World War I and II it served as a supply base for ground and air forces. 

We saw old houses, tarnished mail boxes and stone cathedrals from those times. 

Further along we saw interactive art activities for children and adults 

Right beside it was the Big Apple Circus 

Where we saw people juggling, dancing and kids strapped on a trapeze 

On the Bright Side,
When we got back to the city 
we saw a pigeon... drinking from a water fountain =)) 

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  1. Lovely set of photos, govna! Haha! I suggest you make a watermark for them. :) Take me to New York someday, please?


    1. i keep forgetting the watermark! Okay, will do :D Thanks for the reminder. Yes, we'll set the city on fire one day buddy!

  2. I have yet to visit Governor's Island, which is pretty sad. I really need to go!

    1. Go! :D Has it started getting cold there yet? Btw, I can't seem to find your blog anywhere alexa!


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