The perks of being a parkie

1:28 AM

Parks have its perks - big trees that oxygenate, soft grass to cushion falls and wide space offered freely to those seeking its solace.

With sarongs in hand my friend Mikka Wee and I shamelessly devoured these perks and set-up camp at Ayala Triangle.

We were fully armed with what we considered as 'park necessities'

We read a book about lists and discussed ours. "What are the things you want to be an expert of?"

We got lost in the conversation and eventually ditched the book

We faced the sky and stared up at the trees

And thanked God for its beauty

We took photos of each other (like most girls do)

And bid the grass goodbye when we had to. :(

But given the chance, I know we'll do this again

We'll escape from the chaos and into our safe den :) 

The Ayala Triangle 
Makati City 
Manila, Philippines 

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  1. Lovely! I always enjoy a nice day at the park, though it's too cold over here right now to even THINK about sitting in the park.


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