A post from the real world

9:31 PM

I have disappeared into the bubble they so famously call "The Real World".

They say it's a place where life is simplified into a mere list of things to do. A place where no idle hands tread and the word "hustle" is next to sacred.

At first glance the real world seems like a big black hole that sucks out all the fun.

Well it could be, if you let it.

But what some people don't realize is that the real world is also bursting with opportunities.

Opportunities to have fun, be crazy and experience a hodgepodge of adventures.

All you have to do is keep your head above the water, rise above the stress that so easily drowns you and see that blessings are always around the corner.

Here's a testament to the blessings of my real world - a beautiful company trip to the Island of Coron Palawan.

Keep your eyes open, your blessing is just around the corner. ;)

 Plane ride to paradise

Greens to welcome us in 

This is what you call "home"

.... and this is what you call taking a break

I couldn't resist. 

A salty kiss for you. 

God is an artist. 

Checking out the underwater world with my best friend boy friend

Saying adios to our little pocket of sunshine

But not before leaving a mark ;)

The hardest part... 

... was balanced out by a beautiful sunset. 


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  1. Nice!!!! Next time let's have a gig in Coron too! I have lots of friends there!

  2. Wow! Coron is super beautiful! I want to go there :D


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