Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coffee Shop Rape @ Subspace Ortigas

While most people are busy partying at the shores of Boracay, E and I decided to spend our city holiday slumming it in a nearby coffee shop. 

The result - a photo raping session using nothing but an HTC camera.

We also devoured their Dark Chocolate Mint drink.  (it's a must-try)

"I'm always pretty happy when I'm kicking back with you."

True story. 

Space Coffee House
Unit 103, G/F Emerald Tower, F Ortigas Jr Rd
Pasig City


  1. I love your photos. Do you edit them? :)

    1. Hi thank you :) yes I do! These were edited using the phone ap Cymera :)

    2. Wow! Really lovely photos. I can't believe you edited them using a phone app. Amazing! *clap clap*


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