Chiang Mai Adventure

10:51 PM

Oh Chiang Mai, it's been a couple of months since I walked your quaint streets and yet I'm still here, smitten, like a love struck 16-year old dying for another kiss.

Okay I'm getting over dramatic.

In my defense, I haven't fallen in deep and total love with a place since Williamsburg. The best part though, is that I didn't have to go through it alone. Finally I had another soul to share it with.

I have to admit, Mikka and I had no idea what Chiang Mai had to offer till we actually got there. Originally we only booked a ticket for the Sky Lantern Festival. It was supposed to be a quick stop over before heading to Bangkok. We expected an artsy province, but really, without any photos for reference we landed in the airport completely oblivious of what to expect.

But life, like it always does, surprised us.

Here are a few things we picked up about the place. Hopefully by the end of this entry, you'll figure out why I'm grossly in love.

In Chiang Mai... 
1. Hotels: a series of open doors. No guards, no gates.
(We stayed at this beautiful place called Come Chiang Mai)

2. Transportation: Bicycles

3. Restaurants: Al Fresco 

4. Shopping: quirky and cheap 

(probably the best street shopping i've been to, not just because it's cheap but because there were so many bespoke things for sale.)  

5. Fruits: FRESH 

6. Dogs: friendly 

7.  People: interesting 

8. Art: is everywhere 

9.  Coffee: strong  

10. Coffee Shops: unique 

 11. Books: second hand

12. Kaye: very happy 

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