Adventures in Film: Pentax MV-1

7:35 PM

It was probably the impulsive part of me that went to Quiapo that day and definitely the reckless spender Kaye that hoarded a bunch of film and a new camera (not two weeks after I bought my first)

But like any hobbyist would do, I defended my purchases in my head like a courtroom case and pleaded not guilty.

 I do not regret the things I bought mainly because they're cheap and useful. Elvin told me his college friends would buy cameras at Hidalgo (a street in Quiapo) for their film classes back in the day. This was a foreign concept to me, given we never had a photography class in school. So I set the date and told him to reserve Sunday for a little Manila adventure.

The day came and we headed to Hidalgo for a sweaty scavenger hunt. All the cameras are housed in a street called Hidalgo. It was in one of the smaller stalls that Elvin had his magical moment with a fully manual Fujica. Despite the unknown brand he took a liking to it because of it's color and the comfort he felt when he held it in his hands to shoot. I guess when you're looking for a vintage camera it isn't so much about the specs but more about how it feels for you. Boy, the shop owner told us that most vintage cameras were built to last and it felt that way.

 Now it was time to search for mine. Across Boy's shop we saw another one just like his. The banner said "DAD'S CAMERAS" and the owner introduced himself as Dado. He showed me a Pentax MV-1. He explained what aperture priority meant and how it isn't as manual as Elvin's but it was a good camera to start with. We bought both for 2,500. They threw in a strap and a full cleaning.

Afterwards we went to a few other shops to buy film. Most were expired, which was perfect! I even got to find a few boxes of Agfa 100. Expired colored films go for about 50 pesos while B&W go for about 200+. We drove to The Collective to do some test shots.

Here are some of my favorites:

All of these are taken with a Pentax MV-1 and Fuji Superia X-TRA ISO 400 film :)

On the bright side, the shots turned out well. But somehow, from shot 26 to 36 all shots were overlapped on two frames. WEIRD. I'll be heading back to Quiapo to have it fixed.

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  1. Hi! Do you still remember where you bought the expired films? I need replenishment and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Nice photos too! :)

    1. Hi @Zhummies! I bought them at Quiapo. There are many stores there carrying expired film for 50 pesos. :)


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