Adventures in Film: Superheadz Ultra Wide Lens

11:12 PM

Film photography has always been an itch I wanted to scratch. My first Lomo camera was a Diana F+. Sadly, that didn't really work well for me. Two rolls in and most of the shots were still a chaotic mixture of over exposure and weird lens dust. Plus the developing took too much from my weekly college money (which back then wasn't much at all) so I decided to just give it up and let the camera gather dust.

But after being overly spoiled by my iPhone and VSCO, the guilt of over-manipulation got to me. Every time I'd snap a photo I would edit in as much grit and grain as I could, a little light leak here and there and sometimes, a vignette. I was trying to be a film copycat and my conscience was telling me to stop!!! (it may be that, or it may also be just because I need something new in my life)

Whichever the case, I researched heavily online for the best camera that wouldn't traumatize me at first roll. As I was going through this I stumbled upon a cute-colored tiny camera called the Superheadz Ultra Wide Lens which is an exact replica of a Vivitar UWS. After much research and canvassing, I ended up making a purchase at Filipino online site - They only had white, so that's what I got. (I don't regret it, since the finish looks easy to clean. Initially I was a bit nervous about that.)

Getting the right film was another tricky egg to crack. There were just too many to choose from but thanks to the internet I found that a Superheadz UWS will only take photos successfully with an ISO 400 film with all shots taken in broad daylight.

I followed the orders to the dot and pick up these:

For my first try I put in a Fujifilm X-TRA 400 roll (which I don't regret, show you why later.) Looking back, my first roll consisted mainly of shots taken by trigger happy fingers. I just wanted to keep shooting and so absolutely everything became my subject. But it was really fun, so I wouldn't mind doing that again.

Online I've been reading that most of time, with a camera like a Superheadz, only a few of your shots come out. So earlier today as Elvin and I went to a shop in Quiapo to have the roll developed, my tummy was getting kuhrazy flipfloppy. But after two hours we found out that 38/38 shots came through!! YAHOOOOO! (yeah, I was THAT happy)

Elvin and I made friends with a few shop owners at Hidalgo. After buying two cameras from them (which deserves its own blog entry), we managed to squeeze as much tips and tricks as we could. So one thing I learned is that apparently, the film says 36 shots but really there's 2 extra just in case you make a mistake loading the film in your camera. Pretty cool huh?

This is why mine came out with 38 shots. All in all, I'm just happy they came out at all. A lot of the shots didn't take to my liking in terms of framing, but then that's all on me. I guess I still have to get used to the wide angle. But in terms of color, it pulled through! For a first roll, I'm quite satisfied and yes, my film camera fears easily went out the window. So if you're looking for a first toy camera to try, this one is highly recommended. :)

Below are some of my favorite photos.

On the bright side, we're going to Bora next weekend. Can't wait to snap more photos! 

Till then, work awaits. 



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