Adventures in Film: of failures and fortunes

7:31 PM

The horror stories have come true. It fell straight on my lap a few weeks ago at (ironically) one of the best beaches in the world.

I was banking on my Pentax MV-1 to take the better photos of my trip but it conked out on me before I could even feel the sand on my feet. I sensed my camera's failure to participate earlier on at the airport. It hung while I accidentally took a shot with the wrong aperture setting. We had to open it up to unfreeze it exposing a fresh batch of expired film. The knob also stopped twisting each time I wound my film for another shot. That made me nervous. But I still kept clicking hoping something magical was happening inside.

Sadly, there wasn't much magic going around this time. I had my film processed at Quiapo and found fuggly things. Note that I tried my best to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But really, they weren't even weird enough to call "artsy".

I went back to Dado's store to show my disappointment and he immediately gave me another camera to replace it with. This time, a fully manual Ricoh. (which he explained is the same maker as Pentax)

I'm not sure I'm ready to go fully manual yet. But life has a strange way of throwing you into the water even without knowing how to swim.

On the bright side, (cause there's always a bright side)

My Superheadz UWS surprised me with an amazing bunch of photos. Vignettes and light leaks? HEAVEN. Good thing I have you by my side, Slim White Angel! :)

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