Ricoh's Baptism of Fire

4:04 PM

It took about 7 films and two out of town trips before I developed my first few Ricoh shots. It was definitely a test of faith.

I also experimented with the famous sunny 16 rule. The colors turned out amazing and just as bright as I wanted it to. Sadly, a lot of things went wrong with my choice of shutter speed. The aperture was too small and the shutter to fast that only half of the photos appeared. The darker ones turned out well though.

Again, when it comes to film it's all about trial and error. Let's build some film muscle!

One the bright side, those that turned out well, I feel completely in love with. Like such:

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  1. Ahh! I love discovering other Filipino film photographers and bloggers! :) Awesome Singapore photos, btw. :)


    1. Hey Angel!

      Thanks for dropping by. Film is awesome! <3


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