Half Vigan

10:30 PM

I say half because that's what my camera managed to expose - only half of a photo. I guess that's the tricky part about film, you're never sure what you're going to get. But what I did get, I loved. So posted here are some of the photos taken during the trip that still managed to make sense despite the blackened corner.

To begin, Vigan was mostly warm and brown.

The famous Calle Crisologo was lined with vintage finds and Filipino weaved products.

Kalesas lined the streets and they smelled like horse poop and wood combined. Weird but slightly charming. (Hey I'm being honest here.)

I always find it cool how some places have a distinct color palette to it. Vigan is brown, (red), blue and yellow. Just like this photo.

And of course, what would a Vigan trip be without riding a Kalesa with your awesome family. (cue charming horse poop smell)

All photos taken with a Ricoh Film Camera.

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  1. Love these are so nice. I can't wait to see more photos from you! Such lovely adventures.

    1. Patty! <3 Thank you so much. I learn from you and I want to learn more pa <3 Love you!


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